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Advance your career. Design for the Web. Better.

The team at HOW magazine invites you to the HOW Interactive Design Conference. The program offers the in-house designer, web designer, art director and creative marketer a further understanding of the newest and most practical technology in interactive design: why it’s important to you and your career, how it can benefit your company and client’s bottom line, what it takes to develop the best strategies and more.

HOW conferences have the reputation of attracting the best speakers in the industry. Take a look at the incredible speaker lineup including Josh Payton from Huge, Emily Brick from Buzzfeed and Joel Beukelman from Google. They get it and they speak your language. Check out the programs designed across three comprehensive events. Pick one or more. Plus, our new group rate of two or more offers an even better discount.

“Really blew my mind. Heard so many new things and terms I had never heard before. Was very inspiring and I’m looking forward to the next level in my career because of what I will be implementing because of this event.”

HIDC 2014 attendee 

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